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Our Team

Clinical and Program Staff

Our Board

President, Joie McGarvin, E-M Construction

Vice President, Sid Sullivan, Community Activist

Vice President of Finance, Brian Murphy, Hopkins Financial

Secretary, Sara Berry, Holland & Hart LLP

Treasurer, Patricia Schirmer, D.D. Dunlap Companies

Desiree Brunette, Boise State University

Mike Courtney, CriticalPoint Capital

Karen Browning Dennis, Medtronic Neurovascular

Mandee Day, Albertsons, Inc.

Mark T. Houston, President/CEO Bright Bank (retired)

Cindy Melillo, Cynthia A. Melillo PLLC

Morgan Romero, KTVB News Anchor

Sina Sharifan, Midwest D-Vision Solutions

Ashley Squyres, AF Public Solutions

Paige Dinger, Executive Director, Faces of Hope*

Liz Edrich, Deputy Director, Faces of Hope*