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Hope's Closet

Some people come to Faces with only the clothes they have on, starting completely over, while others may have been restricted from purchasing clothing for themselves by their abuser. Others have their clothing taken as evidence or need an outfit to face their abuser in court for the first time.

This is why we created Hope’s Closet. Individuals get to “shop” Hope’s Closet for a new outfit, all the way down to socks and underwear.

We welcome donations of clothing (new with tags*) of all sizes, for all seasons, and for all genders. Undergarments, accessories, and shoes are also appreciated!  Gift cards to major retailers are great too so we can shop for specific sizes or items the closet is missing.

You can also shop our Amazon Wishlist or Shortage Wishlist

Immediate Needs (Updated 7/9/24):

-Gas station gift cards (Chevron preferred)
-Video doorbells
-Old cell phones (any phone made after 1997 can call 911 in an emergency)
-Casual summer clothing (t-shirts, athletic shorts) for women
-Women’s sneakers and sandals sizes 7-11
-Kid’s clothing sizes XS-XL

Questions about what we can and cannot accept? Please contact


*Why New Clothes?

Many of the individuals that come to Faces of Hope have almost no access to money because abusers frequently restrict their access to finances. The clothes they do have are often worn out and threadbare. Having the opportunity to pick out new clothes with tags is an empowering experience for many and can also be incredibly emotional. Don’t underestimate what a new outfit can do for a person’s outlook on life. 

Gift Cards

We often need to shop for clothing to offer greater selection of sizes or seasonal items. Gift cards to stores such as Costco, TJ Maxx, Target, Walmart, etc. are very helpful because we can quickly get items and sizes that are missing from the closet or a specific item a client needs.